2022 Google update – the decrease of sites in the SERP

Hello, a few months ago there was some news circulating on the internet in which the people from Google announced a new update of the Broad Core algorithm and that it will take approximately 2 weeks until the full implementation.

2022 Google update - the decrease of sites in the SERP

These updates have the role of providing the most relevant results to users when they search for various information on the Internet. From my point of view, this is beneficial. Personally, when I use the Google service, I want to find the needed information quickly and as efficiently as possible.

For a better understanding of this article, I will offer you some additional information that is directly related to this change in Google’s Broad Core Algorithm.

What is Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Each of us is on the Internet and looking for various things to buy online, read, listen to music etc. A search engine results page, or SERP, is the page you see after entering a query into Google, Yandex, Bing or any other search engine. Each search engine’s SERP design is different, but since Google is the most popular holding over 80% of the market share.

2022 Google update Broad Core Algorithm

What are the types of SERP?

SERPs typically contain two types of content – “organic” results and paid results. Organic results are listings of web pages that appear as a result of the search engine’s algorithm (more on this shortly).

  • Organic Results
  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

What are the SERP positions?

SERP positions are, simply put, the positions a website holds in organic search, for example, if your website is optimised well, it will normally hold the number one position when searching for your company’s name. The number one spot starts and is counted from the top result under any paid adverts.

2022 Google update Broad Core Algorithm

Incognito search in Google.com

I searched in incognito mode on Google.com using the keywords "Website" "Config". This type of search is the most accurate as it does not display your computer/phone search history.

Recherche Website Config. Search Website Config.

2022 Google update - the decrease of sites in the SERP

I will make a short parenthesis related to this change of Google’s Broad Core Algorithm and tell you something related to the discussions we had with new clients as well as with people who already have websites.

Almost the majority of people who already have websites have no idea how important SERP display is, they haven’t made content updates to their websites, haven’t added new content etc. They were no longer interested in the sites and left them like that, abandoned 😀 .

They work in fields like construction, driving, etc. so they don’t need higher education, but unfortunately I think they are also good at this field of business promotion using digital marketing.

Their sites ended up somewhere low in the SERP results and they don’t even care about it anymore. They earn a lot of money from the jobs they have and prefer to pay services to various companies that in most cases do not give any results.

Specifically, I met a person who confessed to me that he has a website, but in reality the company managed by this person is registered with a website like the Golden Pages. When I searched for his name in Google, it did not appear with any results (SERP), although he pays about 600 euros contractually. It was just another company name that filled the pages of a construction advertising website. So promotion of the brand name of the construction company equals ZERO.

How did I notice these Google Broad Core algorithm update changes?

Simple, following the weekly evolution of my website in Google analytics, I noticed a sudden decrease in the number of visitors.

Since we are talking about a site that was recently launched, more precisely in March 2022, I have no more expectations regarding the sudden increase in the number of visitors. I want a progressive growth based on the publication of new information, quality content etc.

Following the trend of visitors Website Config. I noticed a slight decrease in the last 2 months (May and June 2022) after previously having an increase from month to month. Initially I didn’t realize what was happening, I completely forgot about this news with the 2022 Google Update – the decrease of sites in the SERP and I took it as a normal fluctuation, a fluctuation experienced by each individual site.

The strange thing was that I was not affected in any way in the SERP display, but still the number of unique visitors started to decrease even if we were adding new content and publishing new articles every month. Today, when I am writing this article, the statistics of the number of visitors compared to the previous week are on the rise, website-config.com it starts to recover as I was used to from the previous months.

Statistics of the number of visitors from January 2022 vs. July 2022

Consider that I have a real statistic of the site somewhere from January when it was still in the works, being recently completed in March 2022 but indexed accordingly and I was still affected by these changes from Google with this Broad Core algorithm. What happens to those existing sites from various fields of activity whose content has not been updated? Of course, a large part of these sites had a drastic drop in SERP results.
Specifically: a television-type site has drastically dropped temporarily on page number 3 in Google’s SERP results. So as it appears from the correlation of this algorithm, there are also beneficial things aimed at providing good results in terms of content quality. In essence, this is also the purpose of a website, to provide clear and complete information on the proposed services.

2022 Google update - the decrease of sites in the SERP

This table contains the number of monthly visitors from the beginning of 2022; these figures are the result of several months of activity and are as real as possible. They represent the result of my work and weekly adding new and new content in Website Config. I managed to benefit from organic growth. For example, the best result obtained so far in the SERP is the first page after the keywords “website”, “config” and page number 2 after the search in French “configuration du site web“.

2022 Google update - the decrease Website Config. visitors

Currently, there is great, great competition in this field of activity. Every website (web design company) wants to promote its services by choosing various promotion options, and here I am referring to Google Ads and Facebook.
Website Config. it has not been promoted with Google Ads until now, but surely if they choose this way of promotion, the numbers will grow exponentially with the capital invested in such a promotion campaign.

If you have a website, you haven’t performed maintenance services, published new and high-quality content, your website has definitely experienced a decrease in the SERP result.

Next, I will add a few lines quoting Mr. Danny Sullivan for the original message, please click here  – for Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) please click here May 25, 2022.

" Core updates are changes we make to improve Search overall and keep pace with the changing nature of the web. While nothing in a core update is specific to any particular site, these updates may produce some noticeable changes to how sites perform… "

Danny Sullivan, Google's Public Liaison for Search
2022 Google update - the decrease of sites in the SERP

To sum it up, Google’s general advice regarding core updates is as follows:

Those who have been working hard on their site during that time may start to see some noticeable improvements to search rankings. On the other hand, those who have left their site sit idle may begin to see themselves outranked by sites with more relevant content.

Your rankings may fluctuate during that time, so don’t be alarmed if you notice changes right away.

I hope that the information in this article helped you to some extent and you managed to understand that you have a website for nothing if you abandon it and do not improve it by publishing new information, performing periodic maintenance etc.

As a company administrator, do you have any idea how your website appears in the SERP results?

For any discussion on this topic, please leave me a comment and a Share on this article. Surely you have friends who have websites and are not informed about this topic.

All the best, Adrian

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