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Thanks for accessing the site Website Config. and if you are interested in the services offered, please read this page until the end.

About Us

My name is Adrian Feraru and I am the administrator of Website Config. Ever since I created my own financial and banking consulting site in 2010, I realized the importance of having a site that would bring me daily new and new potential clients for my business. Since lunching the site, the first few months were rather “calm” but then with a good indexing in Google, Microsoft Bing and Yandex search engines I managed things minute and I was even impressed by the power of the Internet. After more than 10 years things have evolved in an upward trend, the Internet becoming accessible to all people and the mobile phone is the first option in terms of internet browsing. It is statistically demonstrated that over 95% of the people use the mobile phone when they want to buy certain things from the online environment (products and services).

Adrian Feraru
I personally have capitalized on the Internet in a constructive way and I still believe that if you have a business, be it how small you really need to have a website. So you have a site in vain if you do not deal whit it properly to manage it, to update the information and to do its regular SEO. Surely your site will be like a page of a book that is somewhere in a library and left to dust and get old. I suspect that you want to have a site that will constantly bring you profit for your business and all at once to represent a business card when you will present yourself in front of a client to offer you the services. For more details on the importance of a site, please read this article: Importance of website

Our team

Since 2021 I have thought to outsource my main field of activity by offering professional services that are directly related to the field of web design. We have achieved a wonderful job by creating a team of serious, professional people and eager to respond to the new challenges. With great sympathy for these people I present the collaborators of Website Config.:

In March 2022 I completed the project, it was not easy for me because I had to constantly update my knowledge in terms of web design, site security etc. but eventually I managed to build this site website-config.com

Kloss Eduard

Kloss Eduard


A successful programmer in the person of Mr. Kloss Eduard, a person with a vast experience of over 10 years in the field of web design.

Comanescu Ramona

Comănescu Ramona

Translator EN

A Translator of Romanian-English in the person of Miss Comanescu Ramona. This translator has made his contribution since the beginning

carmen feraru

Feraru Carmen

Content writer

A web content writer in the person of Mrs. Feraru Carmen who is also a translator of Romanian-French.

Our services

Website Config. currently offers a wide range of professional web design services:

professional website creation

presentation site creation

online store creation

website maintenance

There is also the possibility to purchase a site domain. We can buy in your name, both hosting and domain, if you do not already have them.

In case of online store creation service, we also recommend two or three payment processors. Whit them you can collaborate for online payments, if you are interested in such payment methods.

If you want to manage your site, at the moment, we announce that we only manage sites created in WordPress, which require period supervision, periodic updating of modules, themes, translations and cores. In this case, we need the authentication data in the control panel. Also, we need full administrator accesses.

Quality of services

For us a very important thing is the quality of the services offered. We do not make any price offer until we have previously discussed what you want to achieve with the site, to what segment of clients you address, what is your way of promotion etc. As an administrator, I try to give you some free tips from the experience gained in direct sales but also from those with the help of the Internet. As an idea, try to sell products as simple as possible and in a more efficient way, making the most of the Internet resources. Choose the right solution for your business in a way like a pro. If you dont’t risk it, you don’t win!

The chosen way of working

After having the first discussion, it is appropriate to prepare the text files and images. If you have videos that you want in your project, send them, too. In the meantime, we prepare you contract and answer all your questions. Don’t forget to give us all the data we ask. From domain name, to hosting, to what colors you prefer, what text and images you want on your web pages or which is the provider where we want to take products for your online store. All are extremely important for your business, for you and, implicitly for Website Config.
Don’t forget about the thought process, a process by which you have to figure out who you are. Remember what your potential customers want and what your business represents, what is the purpose of your business.

Thank you very much for reading this page to the end and if you are interested in the services offered by my site, please leave me a message on the Contact page.