5 Ways to optimize your online store – Online shopping has taken off with the pandemic and the trend seems to be continuing after the world has discovered how advantageous this lifestyle is.

The growth of this trend has led to an increase in the number of online stores and thus competition in almost all areas. Competition is a good thing, because it makes you evolve and always be better prepared.

Online stores will always have something to improve, even if at first glance everything seems fine. In today’s article we will tell you how to make your online store help you sell as much as possible, not just to be visited and then abandoned for who knows what reasons.

5 Ways to optimize your online store

Small changes can work wonders for online stores. Even in your case.

1. Tell them the reasons why you started the business and how you make it work

In addition to the brand, people are interested in those behind it. Those who come with product ideas and those who put them into practice.
There are a few questions that everyone is interested in answering, so you can create both a FAQ section on the site, and especially blog posts in which you can answer them in more detail. Where else can the blog help you with long-term SEO?

5 Ways to optimize your online store

Here are 5 of these questions:

What do you sell?

Answer simple and to the point, and if you have several categories of products, explain each one.

What is the story of your brand?

Where did the idea come from and what was the need you wanted to cover with the help of the products.

How did the brand come about?

This question is different from the one with the idea, because you can talk about naming, colors and everything that can be found in an explained manual branding.

What sets you apart from other brands?

There are certain areas where the competition is very high and you have to stand out with those qualities that only your brand has. Very personal things can come in here, because they are usually differentiating. Try to document yourself in more detail on Google.

What does your brand promise?

Here you have to be honest again about what differentiates you from the competition. Another important point is to give what you promise. Nothing detracts from your credibility in front of customers more than promising something or showing the product in a way and they receive something completely different or of a lower quality.

2. Give them a guarantee for your products

Credibility is built over time, but most of the time you have only one chance to win it. That is, the first impression also counts in the business-customer relationship, and before the purchase you can give them an extra reason to buy from you, such as:

  • lifetime warranty;
  • a number of days they can test the product for free;
  • the lowest price guarantee;
  • brand warranty.

Don’t forget to mention these pluses during the purchase process.

3. The product in the basket should always be visible

There are some people who add products to the cart and leave them there or others who may realize during the buying process that they need other products adjacent to the cart.
One solution to help those on both sides and give them a better shopping experience is to display the products in the basket throughout the process. Thus, they will always have control over what they buy and the abandonment of pimples will decrease.

4. Reduce steps to checkout

The pages until checkout – that is, until the final payment of the products in the cart – must be as few as possible. When customers start the buying process and see that they have to go through many stages to reach the end of the process most of the time they abandon it and will go to buy from the competition.

In this case you have 2 solutions:

  • the ideal one is the one in which you decrease the number of steps that they have to take in order to reach the payment one;
  • you always show them how many steps they have to take until they get paid.

At the same time you need to make sure that you do not add costs during the process or that they are visible and that buyers are aware of their occurrence.

5. Delivery costs

Many baskets are abandoned due to delivery costs that are either too high or too late in the process.
In these cases it is best to explain how these costs are shared from the first part of the purchase process or to offer free shipping upon reaching an amount. Or you can give them a free return.
What is important, however, is that these transportation costs be as transparent as possible.

All these 5 methods will help you to offer a better shopping experience for customers and once you have conquered them you can be sure that they will return to you. Remember, try as much as possible to optimize your online store.

All the best, Adrian

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