Since last month, I set out to write this article about the importance of using a professional email address with my own domain. Personally, I was convinced of this since 2010 when I had my first site using

In these few lines I will refer strictly to this topic by giving you some personal opinions as well as what are the advantages of using a professional email address with your own domain. When you have a business, it is important to maintain a professional relationship with your clients. For small businesses and online business sites, a professional email address is crucial.

The benefits of using a professional email address

In case you didn’t know, the email address says a lot about your business. Usually, the first thing people see on your business website, in addition to the services offered, is the email box about your business. An inappropriate email address can be very disadvantageous in your promotion efforts.

Have you thought about which email address to use for your business?

Which is the solution?

To see the answer please click the photo bellow 👇👇😉

A professional email address with its own domain!

This professional email address can be created very easily, it is ideal to be created once the site is completed and can be configured according to your needs. For example in some countries such as Belgium, France, the Netherlands, etc. I have often encountered the names “Hello” “Bonjour” and “Contact” followed by @

Since 2010 I have chosen the office option @, I liked it more and I thought that this professional-looking email address gives authority to my company when I correspond with clients, helping me to I improve my brand image.

What does a professional email address provide?

When a company interacts with customers and potential customers, it is very important to give them confidence from the first discussion.

Whether or not you want to share information about the services or products you offer by email, or on the contrary, want to share a bad experience, every aspect of the interaction must be positive. Using an email address in interaction with customers like @ and @ can instill in customers that you are not a trusted company because you use a free service.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a professional email address for your business:

  • More authority

Anyone can get a free email address. In fact, most of your customers probably already use free email addresses. But if your business uses the same free email service as its customers, you don’t really position yourself as an authority, as a brand in their eyes.

Having a professional email address shows that you are serious enough to own a domain name, that you have set up an SPRL, run a legal business and a proper email account. This means that you are not just another person using a free email service. But you are a legal company, which means business. Email will also increase your credibility when you respond to suggestions and complaints, requests for quotes, request online reviews, or send out newsletters.

  • Better branding

Using the company web domain in the email address will help the customer remember the company name and web address. In this way, you help to increase the brand awareness, to the degree of brand recognition, integrating the company’s efforts in a single consistent strategy.

With your own domain email address, you will consolidate your company identity with each email sent. One glance will tell loyal customers that this is a message they want to read, because it comes from a trusted sender.

  • Better results

The marketing campaign is ineffective if you use a free email address. Sending newsletters to loyal customers is an effective way to keep in touch with the company’s customers, but every email should inspire professionalism. While emails from free addresses could easily get spammed or deleted before being read.

You’ve certainly worked hard to have an impressive portfolio of clients, collecting their email addresses, so you don’t want to lose your subscribers looking spam.

How to create a professional email address?

The next step is to connect the domain to a business email service. Almost any web hosting service provider offers the ability to create a domain name email address. If you want to activate a professional domain name email address by accessing the sitebunker site, look for the desired site name / domain name with the available extension (.FR, .NL, .COM, .INFO, .ORG etc). If you need help or additional information, Website Config. is at your disposal with the contact page.

All you have to do is fill out our contact form and our support team will be in touch very soon. We try to respond to all requests within 24 hours (during weekdays).

From now on, you are ready to interact with clients as a professional company.

I wish you much success with business!

All the best, Adrian

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