Professional Website Maintenance and Management Services

In the dynamic digital landscape, maintaining a performing website requires constant management, upkeep, and regular updates. At Website Config, we offer expert website maintenance and management services tailored to your specific needs. Choose between a flexible monthly subscription or an hourly rate to easily update your site.
Website maintenance and Management service

Website Maintenance and Management Services: Ensuring Your Site's Security and Freshness.

Keeping the Site Updated: Continuous updates are vital for optimal website performance. This involves updating the programming code, core platforms, as well as refreshing or adapting content and visual elements based on seasonal changes.

Engagement-Driven Content Editing: Creating Captivating Experiences.

Boosting Visitor Interest: Dynamic content editing involves real-time updates, such as special promotions, design enhancements, price adjustments, introducing new products, and announcements. Outsourcing daily changes and additions can reduce costs and improve implementation time.

Efficient Web Security and Protection: Safeguarding Digital Assets.

Regular Programming Updates: Programming languages like PHP used for form processing, database management, search functions, and more require regular updates. Choose one of our website maintenance packages to ensure robust security and protection.

Comprehensive Site Management and Technical Support: Your Partner in Technical Excellence.

Complete Content Management: Our team handles all aspects of content modification, from text editing to image changes, database management, HTML, PHP, and more. We provide continuous technical support, addressing issues promptly, and leveraging our expertise to enhance the site.

Optimized Content Management: Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies.

Enhancing Performance and Information Management: By utilizing the latest technologies, we monitor and implement changes to boost your site’s performance and information management. Website Config ensures innovative features are implemented.

Strategic Site Reconfiguration: Maximizing Visibility and Impact.

Data-Driven Reconfiguration: Using site statistics such as the number of views or searches conducted during your visit, we review page content and navigation elements to enhance site visibility.

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Elevate Your Website with

Website Maintenance Service Packages

Select from our range of website maintenance packages to observe significant improvements. To explore this topic further, access resources available on Google, and feel free to contact us for additional questions.

Website Maintenance Service Packages for Presentation website


  • 2 hours for security and updates;
  • We update photo and video galleries;
  • We add new pages, matching existing types;
  • We check links and forms for functionality;
  • We restore backups and keep the site online;
  • Tips for optimal performance;
  • We monitor site progress;
  • Intervention within 48 hours;
  • For content changes (on request), the cost is €50 per hour.
Website Maintenance Service Packages for Online store


  • 3 hours of support and updates for your website;
  • We handle products (import/export), update prices and details;
  • Refresh site info (size guides, announcements, terms and conditions, cookies policy);
  • Monitor online store platform performance;
  • Suggest features for a more efficient online store;
  • Apply analysis criteria for online stores;
  • Intervention within 24-48 hours;
  • For content changes (on request), the cost is €50 per hour.
Website Maintenance Service Packages for Professional Website


  • Professional maintenance services for your website;
  • Top-notch updates and security management to protect your site;
  • Refreshing content with images, text and interactive elements;
  • Swift and efficient technical assistance for any issue;
  • Constant performance monitoring for optimization;
  • Suggestions for enhancing your site's efficiency;
  • Evaluation of your online commerce platform's performance;
  • Quick intervention, within 12-24 hours;
  • For content changes (on request), the cost is €50 per hour.

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