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FERARU ADRIAN en tant que propriétaire et exploitant du site WEBSITE-CONFIG.COM, ci-après dénommé “PROPRIÉTAIRE”, se conforme aux réglementations du GDPR (Règlement général sur la protection des données) dans la collecte et le traitement des données personnelles des visiteurs du site auxquels il est fait référence ci-dessus, ci-après dénommés “UTILISATEURS / UTILISATEUR”.

“Règlement” désigne la loi uniforme au niveau européen à laquelle il se réfère, et données désigne les données personnelles des utilisateurs. Le GDPR doit être respecté par toute entité juridique qui commercialise des produits ou des services aux citoyens de l’UE. Plus d’informations sur le règlement GDPR peuvent être trouvées sur le portail européen

Ce site ne stocke PAS de données personnelles. La collecte et l’envoi de données personnelles par le biais du site WEBSITE-CONFIG.COM sont effectués exclusivement aux fins commerciales décrites ci-dessous:
– afin d’établir une relation commerciale concernant les services présentés sur le site, aux utilisateurs ayant explicitement demandé des informations commerciales par le biais des formulaires ou coordonnées présents sur le site;
– pour l’envoi de newsletters et / ou d’alertes périodiques, par e-mail, mais uniquement avec le consentement supplémentaire et explicite pour cette action.

The personal data collected on this site are: name and / or surname, telephone number, location, email address, company name that the user represents, IP address. By completing the data in the forms and carrying out the actions of explicit ticking of the confirmation boxes, the user has given his free express consent, informed and directed to this privacy statement. When the need for explicit acceptance is foreseen, you will be presented with a button / control that will give you the opportunity to express your agreement or refusal accordingly.

Consent is not a precondition for establishing a business relationship and does not create any contractual obligations.

This site is HTTPS secure in the transfer of information between server and users. All forms included on this site do NOT store personal data, but send them via email services to the owner. This data transmitted by email may be stored in accordance with applicable laws of third parties such as internet service providers, local area networks, email hosting. Other methods of collecting personal data no longer exist on this site.

The personal data collected through this site may be stored in internal computer systems owned by the owner in order to provide certain services or to fulfill certain legal / contractual obligations. The owner undertakes to manage the stored data securely and only for the specified commercial purposes.

WEBSITE-CONFIG.COM may provide certain personal data collected through this site to other operators (courier service providers, marketing service providers, payment / banking service providers) with whom it relates partnership, but only on the basis of a confidentiality commitment on their part and only for the stated purposes of ensuring that such data is kept secure and that personal information is provided in accordance with applicable law.

According to Law no. Regulation (EU) 2018 / 1725 of the European Parliament, the user has the right to access, intervene on data, the right to request the deletion of all personal data from internal computer systems owned by the owner, and in this regard you can address a written request to WEBSITE-CONFIG.COM. Each commercial communication of newsletter type and / or periodic e-mail alert for which the user has previously expressed his acceptance, is accompanied by the explicit possibility for unsubscribing and deleting personal data used in this type of communication.

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