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This article refers to simple and effective ways to promote a business and it fits perfectly regardless of its nature and size. I personally opted for this option to promote the Website Config. brand.

When you own a business, it is important that the product or service you are marketing reaches as large a group of people as possible. Thus, with the right advertising techniques, your business will become known and accessible, and the number of customers will increase.

But, to succeed in this, you have to consider all the aspects that can influence this process. So, it is recommended to opt for the best promotion methods with a number of useful ideas and tactics in mind.

In August 2022, we started the local and national promotion campaign for the Website Config. website. Using the experience accumulated over the years in the field of digital marketing, I chose the following simple and effective promotion ideas using the following promotional materials:

Simple and Effective Promotion chosen by Website Config. using Custom T-shirts

From my point of view, promotional materials have remained important tools in business promotion. The price of a t-shirt is reasonable, but this method will bring me great benefits in the long run.

From the point of view of marketing, we analyzed the following question: Why do car manufacturers put their logos on the front and back of their cars?

Because this gives them free promotion in front of hundreds of people daily, and most of those people are potential customers. Leaving the logo aside would be a terrible mistake.

Every time someone wears my t-shirt when they go shopping or simply appear in public, that person promotes my brand for free.

Not long ago, until I started the promotion chosen by Website Config. I read a study by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) that customers wear the custom t-shirts, hoodies and jackets they receive from companies for an average of 15 months, which means these garments are among the longest lasting materials promotional.

Read the entire paragraph by placing the cursor on the image below 👇😉

63% of people who wear custom clothing appreciate those products that make them stand out from the crowd and have a message that resonates with the wearer. Custom t-shirts, jackets and hoodies using special production equipment are a great way to make your company's values and mission known.

Promotional materials bring multiple benefits both to small companies that thus make a name for themselves on the market, and to large companies that strengthen their position in the industry in which they operate.

The simple and effictive promotion chosen by Website Config.

The simple and effictive promotion chosen by Website Config.

These objects represent an important communication channel, complementing and reinforcing the message communicated on the other channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc.). The vast majority of people who receive promotional materials do not forget the name of the company they received it from, they often also function as a modern business card for that company.

Clothing items can be intended for any age category and both sexes, depending on what the respective business promotes. These are preferred by many customers and if they are worn frequently and in many locations, it is impossible for other people not to receive the message and show interest.

What I like the most are T-shirts with a Polo collar, they are perfect for both a casual and a business-casual outfit, at work but also at home, or T-shirts with long sleeves, for the cooler seasons. Each of these can be easily customized by printing or embroidery, this last method is of a clearly superior quality, durable and even more elegant. In combination with another article of clothing or an accessory, the impact they can bring is even greater, guaranteeing the success of a promotion.

"Signature" T-shirt? No, just promotion!

I searched on the internet where I can make these personalized t-shirts with a polo collar at a superior quality, from 100% cotton material and the inscription must be by printing or embroidery and at an acceptable price.

In the end I found a company on the website that met all my criteria, I ordered t-shirts in different colors and sizes along with embroidery.
The price asked by Guangzhou Qisong Apparel Co., Ltd., was reasonable and much, much cheaper than any T-shirt printed in the country where I live.

The final cost of such a t-shirt, including embroidery and transport, reached somewhere around 13 euros. With a limited budget for this promotion campaign with personalized t-shirts I managed to reach my set goal.

T-shirts were distributed to various people of all ages who will promote my business for free.

Personally, I tried as much as possible to make sure that I correctly chose the promotional material that best aligns with the values of the Website Config. brand.

Simple and Effective Promotion chosen by Website Config. using the advertisement on the car

From my point of view, it still represents a cheap, simple and efficient way of promoting a business.

If you have a brand that you want to make visible, any advertising is essential to achieve this. It is important to focus on methods that can easily reach the potential customer and that is why most opt for outdoor advertising, which are visible in the most populated places, thus having a strong visual impact on the consumer.

Advertisements placed on cars are an excellent way to promote your business, I personally think it is one of the most effective methods of outdoor advertising.

For example, if your business has a fleet of cars, you can opt for this service for all the vehicles you own within the company. You have the freedom to choose the image you want to print on that print – the more attractive the design, the greater the success.

Website Config - advertisement on the car

Whether you want to inscribe your logo along with an attractive message, or you want to opt for an infographic or a suggestive image, it is important that the final product provides essential information about your brand. Thus, passers-by will become more interested in what your company offers and will want to know more details about the company’s activity.

What advantages does placing advertisements on the car offer?

I believe that a car advertisement has many advantages, because it differs from other forms of advertising by a number of unique characteristics:

In conclusion, if you are looking for ways to put together a series of useful campaigns for your business, consider car ads. Such an investment is necessary and manageable.

Simple and Effective Promotion chosen by Website Config. using street banner

More than 12 years ago I used this promotion using the street banner, being placed in a busy place, I was impressed due to the positive impact brought by such an advertising campaign.

As the last simple and effective way to promote the Website Config brand. we used a street banner of reasonable dimensions but with a significant impact on the people who transit this area. I believe that this street banner promotion is one of the cheapest and long-lasting outdoor promotions. The price of such a promotional article does not exceed the sum of 70 Euros.

The advantages I found following this use of the street banner are the following:

Once placed, the banner remains for a long period of time. From my experience, I know that it takes several years before it reaches the degradation stage (it discolors, the support rings are damaged etc.);

The price paid for its manufacture is a reasonable one of approx. 70 euros. If we chose promotion through flyers or in local newspapers, we would definitely exceed this amount;

Every day it transmits the message of my business to passers-by free of charge without additional costs.

On such a customized street banner I highlighted my Website Config. brand publishing my Web Design services, Create presentation site, Create online store, Website maintenance. I added my logo in a larger format so that it looks visually very nice, as well as the phone number where I can be contacted by new clients.

As is well known, simple and effective promotion is the key to great success!

In conclusion, in addition to promotion in the online environment (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram) we also chose this way of promoting the business through simple and effective methods. I am very optimistic about the impact of such a promotion campaign using personalized t-shirts, advertising on the car but also the street banner.

If, like me, you are thinking of promoting your business locally and nationally using a modest amount of a few hundred euros, this simple and efficient promotion campaign is definitely the best choice.

All the best, Adrian

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